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Vintage Cubby and Wooden Alphabet Set

Every summer I make it a priority to visit Rogers Flea Market in Ohio and if you hang around here long enough you will be convinced to make the trip too.  On a recent visit, I came across this large vintage cubby and knew I had to take it home.The wooden alphabet set was a few tables down and I knew they would be the perfect fit for the little compartments of the cubby.  A match made in heaven for only $ 12.00!

The cubby was in pretty decent shape, it just needed a light cleaning and sanding. I also sprayed it with a matte finish clear coat.

This is the photo I sent to Michael bragging about my find.  A little competition never hurt anyone right?

cubbie-beforeThese are the letters in their natural state, great shape, but I wanted them to stand out a bit more so they got a quick coat of white paint.

wooden-letters this is how I used it around Christmas.

cubbie-christmasI have rearranged the letters for birthdays, picnics and holidays. Sometimes it would encourage a fun game of scrabble with our guests.  Have you used a flea market find in a unique way? I would love to hear about it!



    • Sarah-Marie says:

      Hi Krishelle! I actually purchased this at a flea market, but I have seen smaller ones at my local Goodwill and Thrift store. Good Luck!

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