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Tour de Junk 2016

So this week has been a busy one for me.  I have been reporting every day on the phenom that is Citywide Cleanup, or what I like to call Tour de Junk 2016.


On my Facebook page I have been giving a tour of our city and all of the possibilities that are out there to score some free furniture and home accessories, if you are willing to pick thru people’s trash.  I am going to start with my top three favorite finds this year.

tourdejunk2016I have a weakness for steamer trunks.  This is a new type for me, it is a vertical trunk.

tourdejunk2016Guys, this has drawers and a place to hang your clothes!  I have no idea where I am going to put this, but I am sure I will figure it out.

tourdejunk2016My second favorite find this year is this large oil painting.  I would like to hang it in my hallway, but it has some water damage.  I think I can fix it, that will be a good post!

tourdejunk2016My third favorite find was just yesterday.  This mid-century cabinet was face down in the mud with the drawers thrown all over the yard.

tourdejunk2016The sides are scratched up some, but I am determined to make it as good as new.

tourdejunk2016If I was going to name a fourth favorite it would be this vintage bowling bag.  It is faded and worn, and I would be happy just putting it on a shelf and enjoying the craftsmanship of it.

tourdejunk2016I found a few carts.  This one is missing a piece of glass on the bottom, but has a ton of potential.

tourdejunk2016This is a brass and wooden cart and I think this would be cool as a nightstand in a bedroom.

tourdejunk2016I always grab old suitcases.  I use them for my daughters dress up clothes and play jewelry.

tourdejunk2016The little stool opens for storage.  I would like to recover it.

tourdejunk2016I love to grab big wreaths and picture frames.  I would like to cut plywood to fill the frames and paint it with chalkboard paint.

tourdejunk2016I grabbed this mirror because it is smaller than usual and square.  I think this would look awesome painted and put on top of a fireplace mantle.

tourdejunk2016This brass mirror is would be perfect in a little girls room.  It is just the right height, but it needs a good scrubbing first.

tourdejunk2016Here is another mirror I picked up and an old hatbox.  I am worried about the mirror, the frame is not wood, and with the rain we had, it is crumbling.  If need be, I will take the mirror out and pitch the frame.

tourdejunkThere are always a few small things to grab.  This rusty birdcage will be nice to set out in the fall with a candle inside it.

tourdejunk2016I am in love with the detail on these metal chairs, but the seats, not so much.  Can’t wait to makeover these babies!!

tourdejunk2016This was a huge score not only in it’s size and heaviness but in it’s style.  This would be great in a kitchen as a coffee station or in an office to hold a printer and supplies.  Or maybe even a bar.  The top part has a shelf and would hold the glasses perfectly.

tourdejunk2016I found this little baby doll high chair, my girls love it.

tourdejunk2016Mid-century seems to be theme for me this week.  My husband already claimed this coffee table base for his future library.

Speaking of Libraries, I also found a huge wooden ladder that was so big it stuck out at least 3 feet from the back of my car.  I asked a friend of my Husband’s who happens to live on the street I was picking from, to store it in his garage for me.  We plan to cut it to size and make it a library ladder.

tourdejunk2016I found some encyclopedias, to go in our future library.

tourdejunk2016These red and blue ones will go in the boys room.  The colors are a perfect fit.

tourdejunk2016This crusty old cabinet looks like it has been to war and back.  But, I think with a bit of work it can be pretty amazing.

tourdejunk2016How crazy it this?!  I found these in two different locations, one on one day and the other two from a friend who was emptying out her dad’s garage.  I plan to paint them.

tourdejunk2016These are some of the nicest lamps trash day has ever seen.

tourdejunk2016These brass ones will get a good coat of paint.

tourdejunk2016Bar stools.  I plan to keep one for myself and makeover two and sell them as a set.

tourdejunk2016This table is bar height.  Someday, I will sit on my bar-stool from the trash at my counter from the trash and sell my stuff from the trash.  Just you wait and see!!!

tourdejunk2016I have high hopes for this chair.  It was waterlogged when I picked it up so I have already ripped the fabric off.  It needs a bit of TLC.

tourdejunk2016Just look at that detail.

tourdejunk2016This little footstool is adorable.  I think it would make a great little plant stand, but the veneer is coming off a bit, so I need to get it fixed first.

tourdejunk2016Someone had the right idea to paint this floor lamp, they just didn’t do a very good job.  I will make it right.

tourdejunk2016And last but not least, a few home accessories.  This tray is a bit scratched up but has so many practical uses and the little decorative bed pieces would make neat bookends or look nice on a table somewhere.

So there you go, I picked all of this up in four days.  Today was the last day for Citywide Pickup, but I wanted to take time to write this post and spend some time with the kids as they have a day off school today.

I am in the process of finding room in my attic for my recent curbside finds, but my long term goal is to set up a booth somewhere and sell my newly made over items.

If you would like to read last year’s picking adventure, go here.  The next Tour de Junk will be in October, so clear a spot in your garage or attic and get ready to go yard shopping!




  1. Tessa Peters says:

    THat steamer trunk just makes me giddy! It still has the drawers!!! Let me know first if you decide you can’t keep it!!! You found some amazing things!

    • Sarah-Marie says:

      Dear DP, Thanks for taking the time to comment, some people share your views about painting wood, but I say if it is ugly and you don’t like it, than make it so you do like it…and for me that means paint it! Lol!

  2. Jeanie Montgomery says:

    You have such a good eye. I can’t wait to see what u make of some of it. Especially that last wood chair!

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