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My Curbside Chair Makeover

I like to creep around during spring and fall clean up and wait for the perfect little piece of unwanted furniture that I can rescue and call my own.  There is so much good stuff out there just right for the picking, like this chair for example.  Today, I am sharing my curbside chair makeover.


Let me show you what this guy looked like before.

curbsidechairmakeoverNot bad right? I really liked the orange color, and when I first snatched it from curbside, I had intended to keep it just as is.  But this little chair had a secret, it STUNK!! Like a mix between burnt plastic and rust, it was really bad.

I knew that if I intended to keep this chair, I had to paint it, because paint fixes everything, right!

curbsidechairmakeoverI picked up a can of KILZ, which is known for covering stains and smells, and seals the odors right in.  This is the first time I have had to use this product, and now I am a fan.

curbsidechairmakeoverI cleaned and sanded the chair and taped off the legs, I wanted to try to keep something original to the chair.  I don’t have a pic of the primer coat, but it was just white primer, which took a little bit longer to dry than normal spray paint, but once it dried, there was a noticeable difference in the smell.

curbsidechairmakeoverOnce the primer coat was dry, I used one can of Rustoleum Heritage Red in satin.

curbsidechairmakeoverIt covered perfectly, and the stink was just a distant memory.

curbsidechairmakeoverThis chair had it’s fair share of rust and grime.  My goal was to get it to it’s original shine, or at least as close as possible.

curbsidechairmakeoverMy go to cleanser is Bar Keepers Friend.  Just shake a bunch in a bowl, add water and mix into a runny paste.  I use this to clean just about everything in my house because it has basically no odor and cleans like a dream.

curbsidechairmakeoverI covered the legs with it and let it sit for a while.  Every so often I would go back and scrub some more and add a little bit more Bar Keepers Friend.  I started with a toothbrush but ended up using a Brillo pad in the end.

curbsidechairmakeoverWhen it came to the tips of the legs, I knew I had to replace them or they would scratch up my newly finished floors.

curbsidechairmakeoverAny home store sells replacement tips.  I found these at Lowes, and I ended up using the 3/4″ chair tips.

curbsidechairmakeoverI needed to get the old chair tips off, and this is when I discovered the magic that is WD-40.

curbsidechairmakeoverI squirted each leg with the lubricant, then went back about 30 minutes later and coated them again.

curbsidechairmakeoverI used a pair of channel locks to grip the old tips and just kept twisting until it moved.

curbsidechairmakeoverGross right?

curbsidechairmakeoverOnce I had all four of them off, I wiped off any residue and slipped the new tips right on.

curbsidechairmakeoverPerfect fit.

curbsidechairmakeoverThe legs cleaned up really well.  Some of the pitting would not come off, but I am happy with the results.  And most importantly, it doesn’t STINK!

curbsidechairmakeoverMy favorite thing about this chair is it’s unique shape.

curbsidechairmakeoverThe paint covered really well and I don’t think you can tell that it was from the curb.

curbsidechairmakeoverI gave it to my son Shawn to use in his room so he has a place to sit and change his clothes.

curbsidechairmakeoverI found the pillow not long after he shot his first deer, I told him he doesn’t have to use it if he doesn’t want to, but he said “Whatever you want Mom,” ….I love him….

curbsidechairmakeoverI have red throughout the room, this is Stephen’s antique truck that Daddy bought him, but he is not allowed to play with.  HaHa..

curbsidechairmakeoverEach of the boys have a red “S” on their bookshelf in the same color.

curbsidechairmakeoverAnd then there are these guys.  I have two of these soldiers that were once my Noni’s.  The boys love them.

curbsidechairmakeoverI used my new camera on parts of this post, and captured this shot, which is my favorite.

I love finding treasures curbside, or as some of my friends like to say “Yard Shopping.”   Both of my daughter’s dressers are also curbside rescues, and I plan to share their makeovers next week, so until then, don’t forget to Pin and Share!


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