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My Adventures in Yard Shopping

Before I begin the tale of my adventures in yard shopping, I would first like to express my gratitude to the people of my city who faithfully every spring and fall put their unwanted furniture and home items out on the curb for city cleanup.

yardshoppingadventuresMuch to my husband glee, my adventures in Yard Shopping started about 3 years ago.  Who knew creeping around people’s curbs could be so rewarding!

threechairsThe thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline pumping and the shear joy of finding something useful for free, keeps me going back year after year.

orangechairI have plans to paint this chair black for my oldest son.

firstdresserSome items I have plans for others are a wait and see if it is needed, maybe I will resell it later on.

schooldesksI gave these to my sister-in-law who home schools her boys.

booksSomeone was actually throwing away garbage bags full of books, I saved what I could.

porchswingThis swing was one of the more challenging things to fit into my car, and I drive a Ford Expedition.

trashdayartOne of the more prettier things I have found.

trashday2015My son is already making good use of this dresser.

yellowdresserSuch a nice shape, but I will repaint it someday.

diningchairsI had been searching for two tall chairs for my kitchen table, and trash day delivered.

diningchairsdoneA good coat of paint and new seats, perfect!

flooringRemember this?

flooringflagGod Bless America!

trunkJust can’t pass up a steamer trunk, I think I am up to 6.

benchesbeforeLast spring everyone seemed to be getting rid of their picnic table benches. Thank You!!

benchesdonePaint fixes everything.

benchesoutsideWe keep them around our fire-pit for roasting and hanging out.

lampI actually passed this lamp up then drove back to grab it, a little different than what I usually go for, but it spoke to me.

trashday2015cI have major plans for these chairs, and have already used the bookshelf, I will share that in my next post.

trashstuffMore goodies, I shared the story about the small mirror in a previous post, but in case you missed it,

hallwaydoneJust a few more pics.

trashday2015bThe big wicker trunk I put all of my children’s art supplies in and the urns are in my garden with ferns in them.

antiquedresserThis is by far my most favorite find and also the grossest thing I have ever put in my car.  The slime and goo that covered this thing almost made me just keep driving, but I just couldn’t let it get thrown out.  So home it came!

I realize this could be strange to some people, but it is like Christmas to me!

A few things to keep in mind when “Yard Shopping.”

Have a big vehicle!

Wear work clothes and gloves, some of this stuff has been sitting around who knows where and for how long.

Give yourself a time limit, and know your city’s garbage pickup schedule.  I have had the best luck going the morning of the day that is scheduled for pickup.

Ask permission if possible!! Some places will fine you for taking things from people’s yard, so I always go and knock on the door before I take.

This post has been a blast to write, and I can’t wait to update you on the makeovers that take place on my trashy treasures.  I hope you enjoyed the journey!  If so, please share or pin, I would really appreciate it.



  1. Mandee Pogue says:

    Oh my word girl! You have some great taste! I can’t believe all of your great finds and I am DYING to see what you did with the dresser covered with goo. It is GORGEOUS!!! So happy I found your blog!

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