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How to Makeover Thrifted Art

If you prefer modernism, impressionism or abstract, there is art out there for everyone…..in your local thrift store or consignment shop.  Personally, I don’t have a favorite, as long as it puts a smile on my face, and doesn’t cost a fortune, I love it.  Recently, I have had great luck finding art at my local secondhand stores and wanted to show you an easy way to makeover thrifted art.


howtomakeoverthriftedartBoth of these works of art were purchased at my local thrift store.  The needlepoint lion was $4.00 and the large floral painting was $5.00.

howtomakeoverthriftedartThis is Mr. Afrofantastic.  My youngest daughter loves all things animals, so this was a necessary purchase, but the brown frame had to go.

howtomakeoverthriftedartThis is a 16×20 painting.  The colors were perfect for the girl’s room, but the frame had some issues.

howtomakeoverthriftedartOne of the decorative pieces was missing and there was some green “stuff” hanging out all over the frame.

howtomakeoverthriftedartI opted to not take the art out of the frames and brush the paint on instead.  I used a healthy amount of painter’s tape to protect the art.

howtomakeoverthriftedartI gave the gold frame a really good scrubbing and lightly sanded both frames.

howtomakeoverthriftedartI used a trim brush and used white interior paint I had left over from a previous project and applied two coats.

howtomakeoverthriftedartLea is in love with her Afrotastic Lion.

howtomakeoverthriftedartIt is amazing what a coat of white paint can do.

howtomakeoverthriftedartTo think that someone took time and made all of these knots is pretty special.

howtomakeoverthriftedartI wanted to keep this painting for myself, it is so pretty and colorful.  It looks great over Naomi’s dresser.

howtomakeoverthriftedartThe paint covered the gold frame really well.

howtomakeoverthriftedartAnd you can’t see where the decorative piece is missing.

howtomakeoverthriftedartThe colors are perfect, not bad for thrifted art!

howtomakeoverthriftedartAnother thrifted painting that received a makeover is this small floral one on top of Naomi’s bookshelf.

howtomakeoverthriftedartWhen I bought it, it looked like this.  What is up with floral paintings in gold frames?

howtomakeoverthriftedartThis piece was only $4.00.  The frame is just cheap flimsy plastic, so I popped the plugs off of the back and spray painted the frame gloss white.

howtomakeoverthriftedartOk, now don’t judge, but I used some hot glue to put it back in it’s frame.  It is a first for me, but it did a good job, and you can’t even see the glue.

howtomakeoverthriftedartA nice pop of color, and no sign of glue.

howtomakeoverthriftedartCan you tell the frame is plastic? Nope!

howtomakeoverthriftedartI recently acquired this piece during Tour de Junk 2016, and have yet to give it a makeover.

howtofixthriftedartIt has some serious water damage.  I found it on the day it rained the most with hopes of saving it somehow.  The frame it came in was rotten and I removed it as soon as I brought it home.

howtomakeoverthriftedartIt also has a hole in it.  Nothing like a challenge right?

howtomakeoverthriftedartThe canvas is stretched on a wooden frame, so cutting the damaged part off isn’t an option.  Because this is an oil painting, I am hoping that I can repair the damaged part with new paint.  Oil paint is nice because you can layer and layer until the desired affect is achieved, and it gives the painting a nice texture.

howtomakeoverthriftedartI wouldn’t mind adding a bit of white highlights onto the flowers to brighten it up a bit.  And then of course, it needs a new frame!  I hope to use some trim, and if I pick a thick enough piece it might help cover some of the damage also.  I am pretty sure my husband thinks it belongs back in the trash, but everything deserves a second chance right?!

So that is 4 pieces of art, with a total cost of $13.00.  I didn’t include the cost of paint because I always have spray paint and interior paint just waiting for projects like this.

Have you found any great thrifted art lately?  Any suggestions regarding the large damaged painting would be greatly appreciated!



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