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The Mort Family aka My First Client

Part one

Last spring I had my FIRST client!! Someone other than my family liked my house enough to invite me to help them with theirs!! WOW! Making changes to a house that was not my own was exciting and scary at the same time.   I was going to be helping the Mort Family with updating a few rooms in their new house.  Michael & Jenna Mort are the most adorable family, they have 4 boys and were expecting a baby girl!  Jenna knew what style she liked and wanted my help to tie it all together.

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Dining Table Makeover

A while back a friend was disposing of their dining table, and I was on the hunt for a new office desk, so it was time to give this dining table a makeover!!!  It had so much potential! Just look at those legs! And it was FREE people, FREE!! (Those are the best kinds of makeovers.)

desk-before desk-before-2

I knew right away that I wanted a black desk but I have had bad luck in the past painting a table where the paint started rubbing off and always had a stickiness to it.  ( I used spray paint, I don’t recommend it ) So for this project I consulted my trusty Serwin Williams expert!!  He recommended using a de-greaser, first to eliminate residue and oil, ( I am certain I skipped this step and the next one in the past ) then let it dry over night.  After a filling holes and scratches, and sanding well, I used an oil base tinted primer, a very stinky process but it does a fantastic job. (I actually covered the top with two coats just because I am slightly OCD and was having flashbacks of my previous painting failure.)  After drying overnight I applied two coats of black satin paint. legs-primed

legs-blackThis is about the time in the project I was jumping up and down like a kid at Christmas, while my hubby shakes his head and sighs .

old-office-spaceThis was my office space before. Typical desk from Office Max, all glass top and zero storage. The new desk did not solve any storage issues whatsoever, but sometimes looks are really all that matters. new-desk

I used some plexiglass to protect the surface as my husband uses this space also, but I hope to switch it out with glass soon.  My work space rarely looks this neat and tidy, and I change up my accessories at least once a month, but it has been about a year now the paint job looks as good as it did the first day I brought it in.  Have you any good or bad luck painting a table? i would love to hear from you!








Goodwill Table Makeover

new-orange-table-afterSay hello to my little friend! This adorable little table was sitting all alone at goodwill and all they needed was $5.00 for me to be able to take it home! But it needed a makeover…(brace yourself)

new-orange-table-beforeWhen I brought it home orange was my first and only color choice, because for some reason, that color just works for me right now.  I gave it a really good sanding with medium grit sandpaper to get rid of the shine, and also gave it a good scrubbing.  I really believe these are very important steps, when I don’t do them, bad things happen.

I used rustolium primer and paint, the color was Orange in Satin, and against my normal rules opted to spray it instead of rolling it on.  If this table was bigger, I would have used a roller.

new-orange-table-afterThis is a pretty simple makeover project and took me about an afternoon to finish.  The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry! I have used it as a plant stand and it would work great next to a big comfy chair to hold a lamp and drink.

Have you had any good scores at goodwill lately?

Vintage Cubby and Wooden Alphabet Set

Every summer I make it a priority to visit Rogers Flea Market in Ohio and if you hang around here long enough you will be convinced to make the trip too.  On a recent visit, I came across this large vintage cubby and knew I had to take it home.The wooden alphabet set was a few tables down and I knew they would be the perfect fit for the little compartments of the cubby.  A match made in heaven for only $ 12.00! Read more