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A Curbside Bookshelf Makeover and Restyle

This past Thursday my home computer was hacked and is now undergoing some TLC from my I.T. friend, which means I don’t have access to the thousands of pictures that are hopefully still safe and sound on my hard drive. I still have my laptop and my new camera, so I decided to do some updating of some older posts that you may have missed, like this curbside bookshelf makeover and restyle.


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Spray Painting Tips & Tricks

When someone visits my home, there is bound to be a conversation that goes something like this, “I like that, where did you get it?” and I say, “I bought it at goodwill and spray painted it.”  With the weather warming up, I have been busy spray painting things for the kids rooms, and figured now would be a good time to share my spray painting tips and tricks with you.

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A Kid Friendly Feature Wall

I would like to introduce to you my associate, Michael Smith.  He is a fellow DIYer and we are always trading stories about our latest projects.  Michael wrote this post a while ago, and in case you missed it I thought now would be a great time to re-share it.  Here is a feature wall he created with his son.  Enjoy! wall-doneThis project came from two different ideas. The first one; do you remember back when you were growing up?  You had all the “cool things” you loved plastered on your bedroom walls.  Sports figures, bands, actresses and actors, even models: you get the idea.  What would happen when you ran out of wall space or your taste changed? You had to pull it all back down again and go spend more money on another poster or album cover. Read more