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A Call To Action & An Honest Review

I need your help! I have been doing a little bit of maintenance on my blog lately, and trying to make sure my Brand is a good representation of me and what I am trying to accomplish.


I recently made covers for all of my Pintrest boards, you should check them out and maybe give me a follow. (wink, wink)  That job took me about 8 hours to finish, but I am happy with the results.


I also registered my blog with the website www.Bloglovin.com.  If you are like me and read a lot of blogs, you can read them all on this site.  Just register with your email, search and follow all of your favorite blogs, including www.SilverandPine.com, and every time a new article is published, it shows up all in the same place.  Cool right?

Last week I came across a company www.Peek.com.  They have a stranger visit your site for the first time and record them giving their opinion. They answer questions about navigation, overall appearance and their basic first impression of your site.  The thought of being critiqued by a random person kinda freeked me out but I still don’t have my main computer, I haven’t had time to finish any projects this week (my Hubby’s grandfather passed away) I might as well suck it up and listen to the reviews right? I want to be sure that while you are here, it is an enjoyable experience.


One of the comments that stuck out the most was “Why is this site named Silver and Pine?” and “Why isn’t that explanation listed somewhere on this site?”  One reviewer thought it was a travel destination. Yikes!  Another was a complaint about the type of font I used, so I adjusted the color a bit and I think I like it better.

I have been considering reworking my logo for a while now, and I realize now that it could be confusing to new visitors about what this site is about.  I have made three new designs and I would love it if you would take a moment to give your honest review.

optionAHere is Option A.  I wanted to add a little phrase that might give more of an upfront explanation of my blog.  “Nice things on a not so nice budget”  That pretty much sums up my approach to EVERYTHING!

optionBOption B. I really like the boarder on this one, and I want to keep the logo black and white, it looks more professional that way, or at least that is what I have read.

optionCI think Option C is my favorite.  I have a pine cone with my signature at the end of every post, and it is on my Pinterest boards now too.  I want to have some type of symbol that relates to my blog.  I have rearranged it a bunch of different ways and so far this works for me.

optionDAnd here is Option D.  Plain and simple, and no fuss. I like this one too.

I need to consider how each of these would look as a business card, or a price tag, or even a T-Shirt.  Someday I will be selling something and I want everything to have the same feel, you know what I mean?

I chose the name Silver and Pine because silver is pretty, polished and has value.  Pine is a bit rough, simple and inexpensive, and I think the two together represents my approach to life creatively and as a homemaker.  I want my home to be beautiful and stylish but I can’t afford to purchase everything brand new.


We wouldn’t be living in the home that we do if we weren’t thrifty with a capital “T” and willing to DIY our way thru the whole process.

My ultimate goal is for this blog is to show people that you really can “Do It Yourself”, and once you “Do It Yourself”, you go and get some cast off curbside treasures and make them over for family to enjoy!  At some point this blog has the potential to generate money.  There are sponsored posts, like reviewing a product, or selling ads that would be on the side of my page.  Sometimes Lowes or Sherwin Williams will partner with a blogger for a project, how awesome would that be?

One of the ways for me to gain readers, which helps when applying for sponsorship, is to make sure my site is appealing and easy to navigate.  That is where you come in, let me know what you think, and I will do my best to improve what needs improving and leave alone what needs left alone.

Thanks again for following along, and for those that have shared a post on Facebook or pinned a picture, or just told your friends to check us out, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.





  1. Tessa Peters says:

    I am torn between B and C, mostly C but I have a thing for borders, so B. Haha I am sure whatever you pick will be wonderful!

  2. Gail Dolly says:

    I have just discovered your site today (04/08/18 at 3:27 PM ET) and I just LOVE it, especially about the plywood floors … exactly what I’m looking for in my 1612 square foot double wide! Gorgeous! And just as nice or better than the laminate … please keep up the good work. I can’t wait to explore your other categories, but the plywood floors just did it for me. Good and beautiful!

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