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New Logo & To Do List

Here is my new logo, isn’t is great!?  I hope you like it as much as I do.


Thank you for your feedback last week, even though my blog comment section was malfunctioning, I appreciate those of you who took time to voice your opinion on Facebook and Instagram.

Everything is up and running again, including my main computer.  My “IT” guy told me it was the worst virus he had ever seen, and I am so lucky to still have my photos.  Whew!

The past two weeks I feel like my brain has been in a fog, you know how you have a million things to do, and instead of starting at the top of the list and working your way thru, you want to stick your face in a big bowl of Easter Candy?


Yeah, that is me and it is very counterproductive with my decision to track calories and exercise daily… be strong people!

Anyway, the kiddos will be done with school in approximately 9 weeks.  I compiled a list of projects that need to be done by that time and decided to share it with you in case there is anyone else that needs to STEP AWAY from the candy bowl and get to work.

todolistBefore my husband and I tackle a series of related projects, we make a list and put it on the fridge and cross it off as we go.  It is nice to see things getting done and keeps us motivated when we just want to sit down and watch TV.

todolistThis is the list we used to get the kids in their rooms back January, sometimes nailing it right to the wall is motivating too.

metalshelvingWe had some steel shelving fabricated from the same company that made our stair runners. 


We plan to install them on the walls in the family room.  I am trying to add a bit of industrial touches upstairs, which is where the kids will do their homework and the majority of their toys will be stored.

officebeforeThis is my future office and is the last room for me to finish upstairs.  The floors need done and I might actually paint the room white, which will be the first time in my ENTIRE life I have ever painted a room a white…. Crazy right?

Once we finish the upstairs, the focus will be on my kitchen and great room.  The fact that I really want to use my dishwasher keeps me going.


I am considering using a technique on my oak cabinets called cerusing.  You can read more about it here.


It is easy to get overwhelmed at times, but then I stop and think how far we have come, it really helps to put things in perspective.  What do you do to stay on track? Are you a list maker too?

One thing that I failed to put on my top of my to do list, is that next week is City Wide Trash Clean up, AKA Christmas, Valentines Day, and your Birthday all rolled into one glorious week!!  You can read more about my adventures in Yard Shopping here.  I will be posting on Facebook all week about the treasures I find…so exciting!

Until Monday!







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