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Home Building, the Ultimate DIY Project

Hello Friends! So sorry for my absence, we have been hard at work here at the Young abode, and I want to show you some of the progress that has been made since my last post.  If you missed my first Home Building post, you can read it here.

stairwayprogressSo this is one of my most favorite things by far we have constructed in our home. 

These stairs are a piece of art.  I have a soft spot for Industrial Design and these baby’s fit the bill.  I have tons of pics of the installation process, but more on that later.  Let’s just sit and admire them for a moment.

stairsprogressOne bad thing about new construction is that you miss out on some of the amazing character that an older home has. With that in mind, we added the same flooring we used in the great room and attached it on top of each tread.  I love the mix of wood and metal, and it adds some character to our home.

stairtreadsFrom the beginning of our home building journey I wanted metal and wood stairs that would let you see thru to the other side.  Ask and Hubby delivers!!

salvationarmycouchOK, so I know some of you are like “What is up with the pink couch at the bottom of the steps?”  I recently picked this up at my local Salvation Army Store for $40.00!! I am hoping it will fit on the loft, but it needs a makeover first. Moving on…

ashflooringThis is the flooring that spans the whole room and hallway.  We milled and cut it ourselves, it is White Ash.  This is the color they will stay, a perfect contrast to our dark pine ceilings.

kitchenprogressThis is my kitchen!!!!  We purchased all of our appliances during a big Home Depo sale, and I CANNOT WAIT to use my dishwasher!!  Anyway, we are planning on pouring concrete counter tops and I promise an awesome tutorial once it is complete.

kitchenprogress2We purchased out of the box oak cabinets from Lowes.  I will admit to being a bit skeptical of using these because any article you read about kitchen design, it tells you to “buy the best you can afford.”  Well, this is the best we can afford AND I plan to work some magic on them so they will look like a million bucks!! I will take tons of pics so you can see you don’t have to spend a lot to have a beautiful kitchen.

island&loftWe made our island light fixture out of black pipe and bought some really cool cages that go over the bulbs.  I promise to post how we did it.  My hubby also wrapped the loft in black steel plate.

loftplateThis helps structurally and it looks pretty darn awesome!

greatroomwallThis wall is where the dinning room meets the kitchen.  I think it gives great perspective on how big the room is and how the beams really make the space something special.

plywoodplanksNow to the upstairs!  We didn’t have enough white ash to cover the upstairs area. So we chose to do plywood instead. You’re like “What?!”  If you do a quick search on Pinterest this had been done a million times a million different ways, so we figured we would give it a shot too.

plywoodflooringIt has been a breeze to lay down and the kids even installed the flooring in their own rooms, with a little help from Dad.  I haven’t decided if I am going to post pics of the kids yet so you will just have to trust me on this one. Easy Peesy!

floorcolortestsI am currently working on the color to apply to the floors and here are some of my test pieces.  These floors go from the loft into the playroom and down the hall into the kids bedrooms, so the color has to go with everything, I am hoping for a driftwood gray kinda thing.  I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

railingpartsHere are some of the parts to the railing that we are going to install on the loft.  They are being carefully guarded by Mr. Robot.

greatroomfromaboveHere is a shot from above.  Our dinning room will be on one side and living room on the other.  My Hubby asked why I was showing the world how messy everything was.  I told him that I wanted to show what it was like living in a construction zone.  This is real life people!

boysbunksI recently painted the kid’s rooms and my Hubby built some bunk-beds.

girlsbunksThey are not completed yet, but I have taken tons of pics and will post a full tutorial in the near future.

blanketdoorAnd now you are asking “What’s with the blanket?”  Well, this is the other side of the house where we live while all of this construction is going on.

hallwayThat is about all I can share today, nothing like a good cliffhanger right?  What kind of blogger would I be if I gave you all the info at once?  I have a tour planned to show how a family of six lives the majority of their lives in two bedrooms, a two car garage, and 1 & 1/2 baths…..to be continued!!







  1. Mandee Pogue says:

    Oh WOW! It is really looking AMAZING! And I Love the couch. I can’t wait to see more of the finished product. And can I just say I am pretty blown away by the fact that you milled your own flooring. I am not completely inadequate as a human being.

    • Sarah-Marie says:

      Thank you so much Mandee. My hubby has put a TON of time into this house, most of the credit goes to him. And I love the couch too!! You should have seen me trying to fit it in my car!

  2. Louise Clark says:

    AMAZING post.Looking so nice.My husband and I have been wanting to build a custom home for the past few years. We have a lot of things that we want to do with our home so I think that these tips will really help us. Hiring the right contractor would be a great thing to do so doing a lot of research will be a priority for us. Thank you for sharing awesome article

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