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Hallelujah, It’s Moving Day!

Hallelujah, it’s moving day!  Last weekend we finally moved the kiddos upstairs into their new rooms, and even though there are so many more things to do until the rooms are completely finished, I couldn’t wait to update you on all that has been accomplished over the past two weeks.


movingdayWe finished the loft floor.

movingdayShawn put up the second handrail.  This was actually up for debate at one time, but thank goodness safety won.  We purchased all of the parts to our railing at Lowes, and plan to show you just how we did it.

dresserprepThese are three of the four dressers before I gave them all a makeover, I can’t wait to show you what they look like now.

drawerrepairOne of them was my husband’s dresser as a child, but one of the drawers came completely apart.  So with a little help from a nail gun and ratchet straps, we fixed it.

movingdayI ended up needing to paint a total of 4 dressers, 14 drawers, and a ladder.

movingdayI learned how to use wood filler to fill the existing drawer holes.  I plan to put new hardware on two of the dressers and reuse the hardware from the other two, after a bit of updating.

movingdayStephen helped with the sanding.

movingdayThis hardware is from my husband’s old dresser.

movingdayHere it is restored to it’s original shine.

movingdayWe are expected to have a few warm days this weekend so I have been prepping things to spray-paint.  These will get a new coat and go on Naomi’s dresser.

movingdayI found this chair on trash day last spring, and I plan to paint it red and put it in the boy’s room.

movingdayThese are all of the goodies I have been hoarding for for the past few years.  Some are thrifted and others are family heirlooms.


I plan to make curtains out of a drop cloth for the boy’s room.  I will let you know how that turns out.

movingdayI have bookshelves to put together for the girl’s room and my grandmother’s chair will go in the corner.

movingdayThe bathroom is functional.  I am waiting for the vanity light to arrive and I have some cute storage carts to go by the sinks, but I need to paint them first.


Up next on the to-do list is to finish the family room, which is right down the hall from the kids bedrooms.  That will be where the kids will play and hang out and do homework.  Then we can move downstairs and start working on my kitchen….yay!

Thank you for following along, I have so much more info to share with you all, but that will have to wait until next week.



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