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The Mort Family & The Tale of Two Mirrors

I am here today to share with you the tale of two mirrors, both great makeovers that involved spray paint and stickers.


I actually made over 3 mirrors while working with the Mort Family, and you can read about the first one, here.

greenmirrorbeforeThis was a mirror that Jenna had and wasn’t using but it was in good shape so we decided all it needed was a new coat of paint.  But, this mirror threw me a curve ball, the design was actually embossed onto the frame, which is also thick paper.  So the design on the corners would not go away!! They were showing thru and giving a weird texture, I actually had to paint it a few times to get it right.  I ended up using Rustoleium’s  hammered texture spray paint, I guess you could say I fought texture with texture? Anyway, it turned out pretty well after I put some STICKERS on it!!

mirrorblingI found these stickers at where else, goodwill.  I didn’t buy them with any plan in mind at first, but after painting the mirror, these seemed like the perfect touch to bling it up a bit.

greenmirrorafterWe decided to put the stickers directly on the mirror because the frame even though painted, is really thick paper.  If Jenna ever decided to use the mirror elsewhere, the stickers would probably rip the finish off.  This way, she can take the stickers right off the glass and no harm done.

Another mirror was used in the living room.

livingroombeforebrownmirrorprepI taped everything off and sanded the frame really well.  This mirror was in great shape, and we had plans to put it back above the couch.  I chose the vanilla colored spray paint that I used on the little tray makeover, and trimmed it in gold.

brownmirrorpaintedbrownmirrorwithgoldbrownmirrorafterIt turned out beautiful and classy, and once it was hung in the right place, it helped spread some much needed light around Jenna’s living room.


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