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The Mort Family & Mini Makeovers

Continuing with the Mort Family Project, I want to share some quick mini makeovers to some accessories purchased at my local Goodwill.

I found this plastic urn and it originally looked like this..urnbeforeNice, but not quite right.  I used flat black spray paint, which I think made it look more expensive and more like stone than molded plastic.

urndoneJenna’s room needed a bit of plant life, but with 4 boys running around, we used something a bit more practical, a piece of evergreen tree that Jenna chopped off of one she wasn’t using, Go Jenna!!!


It looks great in this little corner, not bad for a few bucks and a can of paint.

Another item that received a makeover was this tray…traybeforeThis was already in great shape, but we were trying to bring in some more buttery colors to match the hutch on the other side of the room.  I used a can of spray paint in Vanilla and loved the transformation.  Jenna uses it to hold books and such on her coffee table, which is also a mission find, stay tuned!!

trayafterI also spray painted these broken mirrors.  I actually passed on them at first glance, my first reaction was “Gross,” but those are normally the best ones.

goodwillbeforeJenna has a beautiful hutch on one side of her living room, and it just needed a little organization and styling. goodwillafterI popped the mirrors out and gave them a quick squirt of black paint.

goodwillinhutchI used them in the hutch to add some interest, along with some encyclopedias I found on trash day. That will be in another post!!

I have a few more makeovers I can’t wait to share with you, I love finding diamonds in the rough, most of the time all they need is a coat of paint.

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