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The Mort Family & Mini Makeovers Part 2

As I start wrapping up my series from the Mort Family Project, I would like to share a few more mini makeovers with you.


Jenna had these metal tables on her porch, three total.  This one was in the best shape, so we chose to use it in the baby’s room as a small end table.  But it needed a makeover first!

All three tables had a tile top, and most of it was chipping off.  Painting over them just wasn’t enough, so I decided to put a new top on them.  Easy as Pie!  I found these 12×12 tile at Lowes for .99 each.

patiotileFirst, I gave all of the tables a good coat of spray paint made for metal, after a good scrubbing and sanding of course!

patiotablepaintedThen I used E6000 to glue the tile on the top of each table.  I used clamps to hold it in place overnight.

patiotablegluedpatiotabledoneNot bad for a .99 piece of tile and a can of spray paint.  Here is one in the baby’s room.  Jenna put a strip of black ribbon around it to cover where the edges meet.

appolsterpaintedchairdoneThe other tables are being put to good use on her front porch.

Another quick project was a small piece of art I made using clip-art, Photoshop, and a pink sharpie.

sharpieartIf you have been following along, you know that Jenna loves the fleur de lis.  In my search for one to make a stencil for her chair, I also found this little guy.  I printed it out and colored it with a hot pink sharpie and framed it in this small frame.

sharpieartframedCould this be any cuter? I think not!  You can see it here on a shelf in the baby’s room.

ornamentartworkhungJust the perfect touch of pink!

I love using unexpected things to decorate with, what about you?


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