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The Mort Family & A Glamorous Mirror Transformation

If you have been reading along with The Mort Family Project, you might remember this gallery wall in the hallway.  We repainted it this spicy red and made a gallery wall of family photos.  But, Can you pick out what I found in the trash? hallwaydone

Brace yourself for one glamorous mirror transformation!

trashdaymirrorbeforeI found this diamond in the rough while yard shopping on trash day.  It was screaming at me from the curb, “Rescue Me!”  This mirror just needed a makeover!

trashdaymirrormidwayIt took a few attempts to get it right, the first was painting the interior frame gold, then brushing the rest with matte white paint.

trashdaymirrormidway2I hated it! This mirror had great texture, enhancing that was my top priority, but white just didn’t give me the results I was hoping for.

trashdaymirrordoneHello black glossy shine!! I ended up repainting it with some leftover black satin paint, and brushed white on the interior frame, keeping the gold in the inset part. This is just what this trashy treasure needed!

hallwaydoneI love how this mirror pops against the red walls, it compliments the picture frames, and adds a little extra sparkle to this tiny hallway.  Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of paint can change something so much?! Have you had any glamorous transformations lately?

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