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The Mort Family & A Pretty Upholstery Painted Chair

appolsterpaintedchairdoneIf you are new to this blog, you may not know that I will paint just about anything, and that now includes upholstery.  Check out my first experience with the Mort Family and a pretty upholstery painted chair.

Jenna needed a chair to sit in for those late night feedings and cuddling her new baby girl, so we took this chair from her living room to use in the baby’s room.  Kinda plain, but not for long!

livingroombefore2Jenna loved the fleu de lis pattern and white is perfect for sprucing up anything, so I decided to paint the chair legs white, and paint a fleu de lis on the chair upholstery itself.  There are a million versions of this on the internet and was ready to try it for myself.

The legs were difficult to remove, so I had to resort to this…looks kinda indecent!

chairprepThe chair was a light tan, and I think the white really freshened it up.

appolsterpaintedchairlegspaI used a stencil that I made on my home computer, which will be on my next post,

stencilingchairI used repositioning glue on the back of the stencil to make sure the paint wouldn’t bleed thru and painters tape to center it on the chair.  You can purchase the glue at Joann Fabrics and it is in a glue stick form.

stencilcloseupI used white acrylic craft paint and a stencil sponge to dab the paint onto the upholstery.  At first the paint didn’t seem to be actually adhering to the upholstery, but I discovered that if you wet the fabric first, the paint goes on easier.  I kept going slowly, occasionally using a paint brush to accent certain areas with a thicker application of paint.

stencildonecloseupWhen it was time to remove the stencil it was like Christmas morning!! The fleu de lis was so pretty and the lines are nice and crisp.  Where the paint was applied thicker, it created great texture.  Don’t you want to reach out and touch it?

I waited a few hours until the paint dried then sprayed it with a equal parts water and vinegar, then ironed it with a cloth over the paint to help set it.  It is a little rough to touch, so I am not sure I would do this process to a where your skin would be touching constantly, but in a small spot like this it is just right.

appolsterpaintedchairdoneThere are multiple variations of this online.  Some recommend using an iron on transfer paper, others used fabric paint.  I chose this option because all it cost me was a folder to make the stencil, I already had everything else. (hoarding tendencies, remember)

It has been almost a year now and the paint has held up great.  I will not hesitate to do this process in the future and you shouldn’t either.  If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you.  Now go out and paint something!


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