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Red, White and Blue Tassels

redwhitebluetasslesWe had our Fourth of July picnic a little early this year to accommodate everyone’s schedules, and I made these red, white and blue tassels to hang on my patio umbrellas to add some patriotism to our picnic. I started with a piece of fabric I picked up for a dollar at my local mission.

tasselfabricI started cutting out strips, around 1 inch in size, and being that my fabric was striped, I just cut along the lines.

tasselstripAfter all the cutting, I was left with 30 strips of red and white fabric.

tasselfabricpileWe have a bunch of building materials left over from our home building projects, so I grabbed some PVC pipe and asked my hubby to cut them to size.

tasselpvcTo have all the tassels be the same size I went with the smaller pieces and divided the strips up evenly, three per piece of pipe.

I also used these metal rings, which you can find in any craft store, or just check your craft stash, I am sure you are hoarding some somewhere!

tasselringsI purchased some white clothesline from Walmart. This was the cheapest option for me, but feel free to use what you like.

tasselropeAnd of course, Duck Tape!!!  Jo-Annes had a sale at the time, so I bought white and blue.

tasseltapeNow I was are ready to glue the tassels together.  I started with holding the pipe and draping the fabric evenly over it, centering the pipe on the fabric, then used a dab of hot glue to hold it in place.

tasselfirstpieceThen I grab another piece and did the same thing again to cover the other side.tasselsecondpieceNow when I added the third piece of fabric, I threaded a ring thru before gluing, that way I could attach the rope to it later.

tasselthirdstripI glued this piece just like the last two, rotating it just a bit so the fabrics didn’t overlap too much.  I then added a bit of glue to the ring so it didn’t shift too much.

tasselwithringNow as far as the taping, I just tore a whole bunch of small bits of tape and covered the top first, then added a large piece around the whole top.

tasselstarttapeThis wasn’t going to be perfect, have you tried to cut duck tape?  I just covered the fabric so it didn’t peak thru the tape.

tasseltapedoneAfter all the gluing and taping, I cut large pieces of the clothesline and tied it onto the rings.

tasselknots(This is about the time I started getting all giddy and jumping up and down because of how well they turned out.)

tasseldoneI have three navy umbrellas on my patio, so I hung three tassels on each one, they looked so great!

tasselsumbrellaI love how these turned out, they have been up for almost a week now and have survived all the rain we have had lately.

tasselshung2If I had the time, I would have ironed the fabric before I cut it because some of my pieces were a little wrinkly.

tasselshungThis is the first time I have ever used Duck Tape for a craft, and now that I have a whole role of white tape left, I can’t wait to try something else!

The gluing, taping and hanging of the tassels took just under an hour to complete.  I had cut the fabric the night before.  I actually did this project about 2 hours before our guests were supposed to arrive, and took all the pictures in my kitchen.  Give this quick project a try and put your own spin on it, I would love to hear how it turns out!


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