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My Salvaged Mantle Makeover Part 2

A while ago I shared the beginning part of my salvaged mantle makeover, you can read about it here in case you missed it.  The results are pretty amazing, if I don’t say so myself, and I hope you like it too!

After the mantle was stripped, sanded and primed, I painted it the same white as my office walls.


Did you ever wish you could go into the future and see the finished project before you make a decision?  I don’t have that ability, but I do have painter’s tape!  I taped off where the mantle and my desk were going to go, which helped me visualize it a little bit better. I highly recommend it.


Before installing the mantle we had to remove the baseboard and an outlet that was on that wall.  We cut the trim to fit around the mantle, and filled the outlet hole with drywall spackling.


We nailed the mantle right to the wall.  I filled the nail holes with spackling and touched them up with paint and my husband used white caulk and went around the whole thing.


I didn’t want the mantle top to be as deep as the original.  With my luck, I would hit my head off the ledge every time I got up from my desk.  My husband trimmed about 3 inches off before I painted it.  I only needed some space for a few candlesticks and picture frames.  We installed the mantle first then added the top.


I purchased this antique mirror at my favorite thrift shop for $45.00 a few years ago and it was a perfect addition to the wall.


Typically my tastes lean more toward an industrial style, and it is evident throughout my whole house.  I made the decision early on that my office was going to be different, a bit more eclectic and mismatched.  I have so many heirlooms from my grandparents and a collection of knickknacks that I love, so they will all end up in here in a wonderful hoarding type of way.


The light fixture was gifted from some friends that are remodeling an old Victorian, it used to be sunshine yellow….but that is for another post 🙂


I painted the ceiling a light gray.  I am an “all ceilings should be white” kind of a gal but my whole office is white, so why not change it up a bit.  It is subtle enough to add some detail to the space without being overwhelming.


My husband built me some shelving to fill another awkward knook in the room.  It’s pretty awesome.


My office door is salvaged also.  A friend rehung it for me, switching the hardware around to make it work for the space.


It didn’t need too much work, just some paint and some holes to be filled.  Probably the easiest makeover I have ever done.


I have some artwork to hang and some organizational type things to do, and I am in the process of switching computers, so I am not actually using my desk yet….

salvagedfireplaceintall My husband found this chair for me and it needed to be completely glued back together before I could recover it.  It has since broken again and I am not sure if it is salvageable. I still need to share the story of my antique library desk that I stripped and cerused…..so many things I can’t wait to share, thank you for following along, even though I don’t post as regularly as I would like.

Stay tuned!

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