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The Mort Family – Hallway Gallery Wall

Part Two

If you read part one of The Mort Family, this is the hallway that connects the kitchen, living room and bedrooms on the first level of their home.hallwaybefore Jenna and I both agreed that this would be a great spot to use a bold color, like red, and make a gallery wall with family photos.  See the frame on the small table?  That was our starting point. 

Jenna already had touches of red throughout her home in small accessories and art, so it was the perfect color choice for this small space.  It was also going to tie together the colors in her kitchen and the paint choice we picked for her living room.

hallwaydoneHello beautiful!  I am in love with this color choice!! So rich and spicy!  Jenna’s father in law was so kind in offering his services as our painter, he did a fantastic job.  Here is how we planned out the gallery wall.

gallerywallprepJenna and Michael were hesitant about putting a bunch of holes in the walls, and I understood completely. (me, ocd remember) This is what I did to take some of the guesswork out of it.  I used some craft paper and made a template of the wall the pictures were going on.  I have seen this done before and was wondering if it was worth the extra time, the answer is yes!

gallerywallprep2Then I laid it out on the floor and gathered the photos Jenna had of her family.  The template let us rearrange over and over until the desired layout was attained. This diffidently helped eliminate excess holes!!

hallwaydoneJenna already had the photos in frames and I made the letter “M” in Photoshop on my home computer.  The large mirror used here was something I found on trash day, but you will have to read about that in another post.

This is the first thing visitors see when they walk thru The Mort’s front door, and I can’t think of any other way than to say welcome than with a beautiful wall filled with family photos!

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