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How I Decorated My Back Door For Fall

With the temps dropping and the seasons changing, there is an abundance of advice on how to decorate for fall.  Most of it is about decorating your front door or porch.  Well people, my front door is under construction, so I will show you how I decorated my back door for fall.

macrameowldecorJust because it is the back door doesn’t mean it should be neglected right?

frontdoorIn case you forgot, my front entrance looks like this.  It’s not very exciting or decorative yet.  I don’t even have a door knob.  We have grand plans for the front of our house, but it just isn’t at the top of the list right now, so we use our back door instead.

backdoormacrameowlI started by painting my door black.  I don’t have a pic of the before, but it was just a light primer gray, and I had it painted in an afternoon.

lanternbasketThen I started pulling out what I had from last year.  Remember, thriftiness is always first!  I took a basket that I wasn’t using and spray-painted it black.  The lantern is from IKEA, and I put it together wrong, opps!

paintedbasketThen I filled the bottom of it with all the dried moss and filler that I had.

basketfillerFor some reason I had TONS of this stuff!  Blame it on my hoarding tendencies…anyway, I had some grapevine orbs also, so those went on top.

basketfiller2You may be wondering why I didn’t use some mums or pumpkins and just call it a day.

dryerventowlLet me explain.  This is my back door, which actually leads into my garage (where we live) and eventually into my laundry room, and so I have a dryer vent right at the top of the door….no plants survive this corner for long.  Between the hot air from the vent and the lack of sunshine in this corner, everything eventually rots here.  So I make sure before I put it outside it is either OK to throw away later or it has to hold up to the conditions.

macrameowlAnd this amazing find fits all of those requirements!!! I found this vintage macrame owl at my local salvation army.

macrameowl2It was only ……(pausing for dramatic effect)….  $1.50!  I know, so great right?!?

macrameowlcloseupTo think that someone actually made all of these little knots buy hand is just amazing to me.

macrameowleyesJust look at those eyes! I hear bushy brows are popular again, glad to know we are on trend.

macrameowltailEvery once and a while, I have to shake out dryer lint from it’s tail.  So far it is holding up really well and I am just loving it!

backdoormacrameowlWhen I first brought it home, my hubby told me to feel free to sell it to anyone who wanted it, but now he actually likes it too!

So, that is how I decorated my back door, which is kinda my front door, if you know what I mean.

Have you used anything unique to decorate your door this year?  Do you decorate your back door too?  I would love to hear about it!



  1. Melissa says:

    I love, LOVE this! The macrame owl reminds me of my childhood, and the basket is beautiful! I think my eyes are getting old tho, I had to make my screen bigger to see the font lol.

    • Sarah-Marie says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!! I am glad you like the owl, and I am sorry you had a hard time reading the font, I will consider that with my next post. Thanks again for stopping by!

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