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Free Fall Desktop Wallpapers

Happy Thursday everyone!  I will keep this post short and sweet (just like me) and get right to the point.  I made just for my readers, two free fall desktop wallpapers for you to download.  It is super easy too!

freefalldesktopwallpaperJust follow along and I will walk you thru it.

orangepumpkindesktopThere is this one, if you prefer orange…

purplepumpkindesktopAnd for a more unique spin on things, there is purple.

desktopinstructionsFirst you left mouse click on the photo of your choice, then right mouse click on the enlarged image and select “make as desktop background.”

desktopinstructions2Then this option will pop up.  For my monitor, Fill was my favorite, and Fit was good too but left a black border. 

And that is about it.  Now you have a photo that I took myself of pumpkins I made myself.  Don’t you feel special!

If you missed how I made these marbled pumpkins, you can read about it here.

I would love to hear which one you like the best, so I thought I would try something crazy…..I am on Instagram @sarahmarie.young so why don’t you take a pic of your desktop with your favorite wallpaper and tag me so I can see it!  Just take a pic with your phone, post on Instagram and tag me @sarahmarie.young.

Enjoy and have an awesome weekend!


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