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The Mort Family & Framed Christmas Ornament Art

While working for The Mort Family, we wanted to put some art on the wall in the baby’s room.   Sometimes the best projects happen “on the fly” so to speak, and this framed art using Christmas ornaments is the perfect example.  It was really easy!


ornamentsI found these clay ornaments in the clearance section at my local Gabriel Brothers, 4 for $1.00!  Pink, purple, ballet shoes and purses, perfect for their little girl’s room and at that price, I cleared the shelf.

ornamentscloseupBeing that I have slight hoarding tendencies, I had plenty of scrapbook paper on hand. (I don’t scrapbook.)  We picked out two sheets that we liked, laid the ornaments out first to make a pattern, then used super glue to attach them to the paper.

ornamentscloseup2Jenna purchased 11×14 white frames from walmart with mattes included.

ornamentsdoneWe didn’t use the glass in the frames because the ornaments were too thick. ornamentsframedThis art project took maybe an hour from start to finish.

ornamentartworkhungThe white frames look great against the gray walls and the perfect amount of pink and purple makes this project just perfect!! Have you ever used something unexpected as art?  I would love to hear about it!


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