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Easy Marbled Pumpkins

Happy fall everyone! Even though the past few weeks have been a little crazy-busy for me, I squeezed time in to make something for fall.  I decided to try my hand at marbling.  This is a popular trend all over Pinterest, so why not give these easy marbled pumpkins a try?

marbledpumpkinsdoneI started with some pumpkins from the dollar tree.

dollartreepumpkinThese little guys are so cute.

dollartreepumpkinlargeThese larger ones are perfect!

rosegoldspraypaintI purchased this rose gold spray paint for another project, and decided to use it on the little pumpkins.

spraypaintAnd I always have white spray paint in my stash, so this was a good opportunity to use it up without having to buy any more.

pumpkinstemsBefore I painted the little pumpkins, I removed the stems, which looking back was totally unnecessary, and I will explain why in a minute.

marblingsuppliesOnce all of the pumpkins were dry I went thru my nail polish and chose colors that I felt would complement the painted pumpkins. This is where you could really get creative, you could use your favorite team colors, or maybe black polish for a little spookier feel.

pumpkincontainerYou are going to want to use a container that you are OK with throwing out afterwards.  Also,  because I didn’t realize this until later, pick a container that is just slightly larger than your pumpkin, you will get better results.

orangepolishFill your container half way with water, and then drizzle your color of choice over top.  I used two different oranges and mixed it gently with an old paintbrush.  Just make some swirls and such.

orangepumpkinsdryingI chose to dip the tops of the pumpkins and added more polish before dipping each one. I really like how they turned out.

rosegoldpumpkinpaintedNext, the little rose gold pumpkins.  I chose to go a little different route and used purple and green.

purplegreenpolishThis is what it looks like before you swirl it around with your brush.  So pretty!

dippingpumpkinThen just dip the part of the pumpkin that you want the polish to stick to.  The polish floats on top of the water, which relates to what I mentioned earlier about picking a container that is only slightly larger than your pumpkin.  I chose a large container for these and the polish couldn’t wrap around the pumpkin like I would have liked.

purplepumpkinsdryingYou can see a line where the polish just stops.  So, if you want the marble affect to cover more of your pumpkin, just choose a container slightly larger than your pumpkin and make sure your pumpkin doesn’t touch the bottom of it.

stemprepWhile waiting for my pumpkins to dry, I took the stems I removed earlier and gave them a quick coat of purple polish.

stemspaintedI realized after the fact that this was totally unnecessary, if you leave them in place, the polish would have colored them when you dipped it in to marbleize.  DUH!

orangepumpkinsdoneI am really pleased with the results, orange and white ones don’t look like I bought them at the dollar tree.  Doesn’t the one in the lower right corner look like it has a bat on it? Creepy!

purplepumpkinsdoneAnd the color combo of the green and purple make me really happy I went outside the typical fall color choices.

orangepumpkinsbasketOur church had a Festival over the weekend to raise money for charity, so I packaged them in some baskets I found at a thrift store.

purplepumpkinsbasketNot bad huh? They actually didn’t sell, bummer, but I brought them home with me and have plans to use them in another project. I am sure you will read all about it!

marbledpumpkinsdoneA few bits of advice for you before you start…

Do this in a well ventilated area.  I used about half of each bottle of nail polish, so be prepared for the fumes.

Use containers and stirs that you don’t want to keep.  It is too hard to get the nail polish off.

This is addicting people! The marbleizing part only takes about 15 minutes total, you WILL start looking around your house to see what else you can do this to.

Be creative! This craft would be awesome for a fall wedding or baby shower.  Maybe white pumpkins with gold polish? Or maybe your favorite sports team? Go Steelers!!

Thank you so much for following along, I would love to hear if you try this craft and email me a picture of your work!  smyoung@silverandpine.com



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