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DIY Glitter Heels

Every year, our church has a Christmas dinner at a local country club.  We put on our best clothes and enjoy a nice meal and time of fellowship in a beautifully decorated space.  I wanted to add a little extra sparkle to my outfit this year, and I recently discovered the magic of Mod Podge, so I decided to glitter a pair of my heels.



I wore them in my brother’s wedding, and they were pretty awesome as is, but I never wore them with anything else because they were a specific shade of gray, not quite going with the rest of my clothes.  It seemed such a shame to let them just sit in my closet collecting dust.


Glitter was the perfect option; it’s inexpensive, I was using something I already had, and what girls doesn’t need a pair of glitter heels in their closet?

glitterheelsI used black extra fine glitter from Walmart, Mod Podge from the dollar tree, and a small, flat paint brush.

glitterheelsI squirted the Mod Podge into a bowl, about half of the small bottle.

glitterheelsThen I just dumped some glitter into the bowl, a few tablespoons should work.

glitterheelsI stirred it to make a paste.  Don’t stress about this part, you will be putting more glitter on the shoes after you brush the paste on.

glitterheelsI started on one side of the shoe, and worked my way around.

glitterheelOnce I finished a section, then I shook glitter over the spot I just applied the paste to.

glitterheelsSo pretty right?

glitterheelsJust keep working your way around the shoes.  You will want to place a plate or something under the shoes to catch the extra glitter, you will use it later.

glitterheelsYour space will look like this by the time you are done!

glitterheelsWhile the shoes were drying, I realized how ugly the underside of the shoes were.  So I grabbed a black sharpie from my desk and colored the bottoms.  Imagine how cute if I had glitter in another color, I could have glittered the bottoms too!

glitterheelsI waited until the next day to apply the final coat.  You need to do this to make sure your glitter doesn’t fall off.  I used the glitter I collected from my previous days mess, and mixed it with the rest of the Mod Podge and brushed it on again.

glitterheelsThe second coat was dry to the touch in about an hour.

glitterheelsI love how the satin roses look against the black glitter.

glitterheelsI didn’t realize that my hose would rub against some of the glitter that had gotten on the inside, causing a huge hole.  I used a small nail file to smooth down the edges around the inside of the shoe where my foot rubbed.  Problem solved!

glitterheelsI am beyond happy with how the heels turned out, and I am sure I will be wearing them again, maybe for new years.

You need to give this a try, I only used one small bottle of Mod Podge and maybe half of the glitter.  Imagine a cute pair of flats with a gold glittered tip?  Or maybe a pair of pink glittered tennis shoes?  Don’t forget to Pin and Share!


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