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Colorful Cactus Christmas Gifts

cactus-groupingCactus seem to be so popular these days.  Social media is flooded with great photos and clever ideas on how to decorate with them.  Of course I had to contribute, so I decided to make some colorful cactus gifts for my kid’s teachers this past Christmas.

I started with purchasing some various clay pots from my local Goodwill.  I had a few cans of spray-paint with just enough squirts left to not have to purchase any for this project.

flower-pots-beforeI did purchased the following at Walmart:

  • 4 cactus
  • tubes of glitter
  • cactus soil
  • small ornaments
  • aquarium rocks

supplies-for-potsAfter spray-painting the pots, I used a paintbrush and applied Elmers glue around the rims then added the glitter.  I really wanted these to be festive enough for the holidays but not so traditional that they couldn’t enjoy them all year around.

I used a metal hanger that I already had and used my wire cutters to snip off pieces to make little hooks for the ornaments to hang on.

hooksAfter potting each cactus, I just slid the hook into the dirt and hung the ornaments with the string already provided.

closeup-ornament(sorry for the poor photo quality)

finished-cactusI am beyond pleased with how cute and colorful these are.  The teachers loved them and my kid’s asked when I could make one for them as well.

cactus-groupingIt is so rewarding to give something so unique and colorful as a gift, anyone can buy candy right?  Have you done anything special for your kid’s teachers for Christmas? I would love to hear about it!!


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