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Button Embellished Hat

embellished-hat-doneAs a mother of four children, we attend a fair amount of birthday parties. The cost of purchasing gifts can add up over time, so I am always hunting for discounts and clearance racks for things to throw in a gift bag or add to a small gift already purchased.

embellished-hat-beforeI found this hat for a dollar….yes, one hundred pennies, ten dimes, four quarters, one dollar!! When something is just a dollar it is no trouble to buy it and save it for later.

One of my daughter’s friends was turning 8, and what 8 year old girl wouldn’t love a cool hat?!?  It just needed a little embellishing to make it extra special.

embellishing-suppliesI will admit to hoarding tendencies, so of course I had scrap ribbon and jars of colorful buttons just perfect for a craft like this.

closeup-embellishmentI stacked and grouped the buttons until I found an arrangement I liked. I wanted to place them in a cluster on one side of the hat.  I also made a few small rosettes out of some scrap ribbon.  It was easy and took just a few moments.

ribbonribbon-2I used approx. 8″ of ribbon for each, and did a simple running stitch thru the ribbon pulling it when I reached the end.

rossetterossete-hot-pinkI tied the remaining string in a knot to hold it tight. All that was left was to start attaching everything to the hat.

first-embellishmentI just picked a place and starting sewing. I used regular thread and tried to make it as colorful as possible.

embellishingI changed the color of my string a few times.


embellished-hat-doneThe finished product was perfect!  This project took me about an hour from start to finish, and was a great way to express some creativity! I think this method could be used with old vintage jewelery, or random earrings, and beads too. Who knows, maybe I will try another project and tell you all about it. Thanks for reading!


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