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Easy Roar-a-licious Dino Pencil Holders

What do dinosaurs have to do with Thanksgiving?  Absolutely nothing!  But that doesn’t mean they are not invited to the party.  Let me show you how I made these easy Roar-a-licious dino pencil holders for the kid’s thanksgiving table last year.

dinosaurpencilholderWe celebrate Thanksgiving at my mom’s every year, and there are a total of 9 children in attendance, 6 of them are boys under the age of 10.  So I decided to make something special for their table to help occupy them during the waiting time of eating and being excused, and coloring a turkey or pumpkin page just wasn’t going to cut it.

dinopencilholder A roar-a-licious dino pencil holder is just what they needed!

dinopencilholderplacesettinI made these pencil holders after seeing variations of them on Pinterest and Instagram, some have even been made into toothbrush holders, cute right?

dinopencilholderdrillI started with some Dollar Tree dinosaurs.  I used my drill to make a hole all the way thru for the pencil to fit inside.

dinopencilholderholesI also used a sharpie to put each child’s initials on the belly of each dinosaur, to avoid any arguments of which child’s belonged to whom.  Nine children remember?

dinopencilholdergroupI put a sharpened pencil in the hole and included a small notebook for them to draw in.

dinopencilholderplacesettin I also made homemade caramel apples for them to munch on while the rest of use ate pie.

These where a great hit with the kids and only took maybe 15 minutes to make.  They drew in their notebooks, played dinosaurs and ate their caramel apples while waiting for the rest of us to finish up.  I would say they were a success! 

I do realize this is not a traditional thanksgiving craft, but who says it always has to be turkeys and pumpkins?  I am already on the hunt for something unusual for this year’s table, any suggestions?



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