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Goodwill Table Makeover

new-orange-table-afterSay hello to my little friend! This adorable little table was sitting all alone at goodwill and all they needed was $5.00 for me to be able to take it home! But it needed a makeover…(brace yourself)

new-orange-table-beforeWhen I brought it home orange was my first and only color choice, because for some reason, that color just works for me right now.  I gave it a really good sanding with medium grit sandpaper to get rid of the shine, and also gave it a good scrubbing.  I really believe these are very important steps, when I don’t do them, bad things happen.

I used rustolium primer and paint, the color was Orange in Satin, and against my normal rules opted to spray it instead of rolling it on.  If this table was bigger, I would have used a roller.

new-orange-table-afterThis is a pretty simple makeover project and took me about an afternoon to finish.  The hardest part is waiting for the paint to dry! I have used it as a plant stand and it would work great next to a big comfy chair to hold a lamp and drink.

Have you had any good scores at goodwill lately?

Vintage Cubby and Wooden Alphabet Set

Every summer I make it a priority to visit Rogers Flea Market in Ohio and if you hang around here long enough you will be convinced to make the trip too.  On a recent visit, I came across this large vintage cubby and knew I had to take it home.The wooden alphabet set was a few tables down and I knew they would be the perfect fit for the little compartments of the cubby.  A match made in heaven for only $ 12.00! Read more