Thanks for stopping by, let us introduce ourselves!

Sarah-Marie 2015I am Sarah-Marie Young, mother of four, wife of Lumberjack and Child of the King….did I mention that I also have 8 chickens? Anyway, my husband and I started building our home ourselves, the ultimate DIY project, and we aren’t done yet!  But you can’t rush perfection right?

I was always encouraged by my parents to exercise my creative juices, either by painting my room odd colors or rearranging it once a month.  Throw in a garage sale, “yard shopping” and goodwill, and life was good!!

   I have an associates degree in computer aided drafting and helped to manage my husband’s business for the past 10 years.  Now I strive to use these tools to make a beautiful home for my family and hope to keep my sanity in the process!

michael-new-headshotI am Michael Smith, an exercise physiologist, husband, father of two beautiful children and a Jesus following Christian. 

  My inspiration for DIY comes from my parents and grandparents as well as the necessity and desire to create pieces for my family. 

   I love old and new things, I love restoring and re-purposing them with a modern or different twist. I have never met a thrift shop, flee market, garage sale, salvage yard I didn’t like and city wide clean up is like Christmas!!! I am always looking for inspiration, always looking to create something chic, creative and unique, and always looking to do it on a budget.  Never be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try!

So how are Michael and I related?  He is married to my best friend from 6th grade, we attend the same church and our children hang out on a regular basis.  Normally over hot dogs or tacos,  Michael and I would compare thrifting finds and how ugly something was until we spray-painted it, while our spouses discussed the latest Sci-Fi movies they wanted to see.  We knew somewhere, somehow there was a way to share our passion and hopefully create income for our families.  After some research and blog stalking, hopping on the blogging train seemed like the perfect route to take.  Silver and Pine was born!

We both live in wild and wonderful West Virginia where we are passionate about all things creative and making a beautiful life for our families. Thank you for taking this journey with us, enjoy your visit!!