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Sarah-Marie 2015I am Sarah-Marie Young, home builder, furniture rescue-er, passionate DIYer, happy wife and mother of four.  My husband and I started building our home ourselves, the ultimate DIY project, 10 years ago and we are just about done.  You can’t rush perfection right?

We did everything, cleared the land, milled the lumber and poured the concrete.  We moved in 5 years ago with it halfway done, desperate to escape a bad neighborhood where we had been renting with our 3 children.  After having child number 4 soon after, we slowly worked on the house, pinching pennies anyway we could, with my husband doing 99% of the work.  After few years of living in a construction zone 24/7, we decided to finally take out a small loan to finish the remainder of the house.  About the same time is when I started Silver and Pine to share our journey with friends and family.  Building your own home has it’s ups and downs, but we have learned a TON, and it would be a shame to not share it.  Try living in a 5000 square foot house, and the majority of your day is spent in your garage….


This is my handy hubby Shawn.  You will see him throughout the posts I write.  He has put in the majority of the labor into the building of our home, spending evenings hanging drywall, running wiring laying flooring, and installing windows. He is a professional Arborist “aka” Lumberjack and would spend the day cutting trees then go to the property to work so we could move in.  He is extremely supportive of my blogging endeavor and has plans to retire on my success…no really he does!!


We have done all of this while raising four children; Shawn, Naomi, Lea and Stephen.  They range from 10 to 4 and never fail to keep things exciting ………

I grew up in a strong Christian family, where a relationship with the Lord was deeply rooted in my heart.  Any good you see in me is from Him and it would be wrong for me to not mention that first and foremost.  I was always encouraged by my parents to let creativity fly , either by painting my room odd colors or rearranging it once a month.  Throw in a garage sale, “yard shopping” and goodwill, and life was good!!  I haven’t changed much since then, I just have more stuff to re-purpose and repaint and it doesn’t help that I live within 15 minutes of 2 Goodwill Stores and 2 thrift shops, thus my incurable thrifting addiction.

My first job out of High School was at the local photography studio where I learned photography, Photoshop, and some basic framing skills.  I then attended Pittsburgh Technical Institute and graduated with an associates degree in Computer Aided Drafting.  I met my husband, and about a year later I was a stay-at-home mom helping to manage my husband’s business.  Fast forward 10 years and 4 kids later and here we are, knee deep in construction dust and paint chips!

Thank you for stopping by Silver and Pine, I hope you enjoy your stay!